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  • FiiNote

    FiiNote is the most convenient note app for android.

    The app is compatible with android 2.0 ~ android 4.3(and later). It is designed for both Phone and Pad.

    Feature list:
    1, Unique hybrid model for combined handwriting and keyboard.
    2, Text,paint,voice,photo,video...Note everything.
    3, Calender,alarm,todo...Getting things done.
    4, Infinite canvas, text box, DIY templates, real pen style...Too many incredible functions inside.
    5, Organized by books, tags, bookmarks, calendar. Archive and trash box are also supported.
    6, Integrate with FiiRecorder, a background recorder using little resource.
    7, Compatible with multiple cloud providers, fast incremental backup & restore, unlimited restore points.
    8, Less permission is required.


    FiiRecorder is a background recorder, using little resource.

    The app is compatible with android 2.0 ~ android 4.3(and later).

    Feature list:
    1, Record in the background.
    2, Ignore the environmental noise.
    3, Record as MP3 file.
    4, Using little power and sdcard space.

    Backup your folders


    * Backup your folders to the cloud, the data will never be lost
    * Support multiple cloud providers
    * Restoration can be undo. No accident.
    * Support partial restoration.
    * Fast incremental backup
    * Fast incremental restore

    Pro features include

    * No ads displayed in the app
    * Autobackup everyday
    * Upload files larger than 8MB
    * Unlimited restore points


    Read contacts based on the user's requirement.


    Convert PDF to JPGs


    Convert .txt, .html, .JPG, .PNG, .BMP to PDF

    Fiinote OL

    FiiNote OL(HTML5)

    In development...

    FiiNote OL For Windows

    In development...

    FiiNote OL For Android

    In development...

    FiiNote OL For IOS

    In development...